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Bubba's Orchids - Orchids and Tropical Plants

- Grow Natures Most Exotic and Beautiful Flowers-

Have you ever looked deep into the bloom of an orchid? Have you marveled at the unique shape of the flower? Have you ever thought that you could never grow one of natures prizes? Well, it is time for a change of thought!
Orchids are among the oldest plants found on earth. Through countless eons, orchids have grown and adapted to their environment. They grow on every continent other than Antarctica. Orchids are not all tropical. Many find their habitat high on frigid mountains. Others grow deep in the shade of the jungle floor. Some cling to rock faces. Some like the murky mud of the river bank. Every state in the US has a variety of native orchids, yes, even Alaska! According to James Alexander Fowler, in his book Wild Orchids of South Carolina, there are at least fifty-five native varieties in my home state of South Carolina.
Orchid growing can be a wonderful experience. Some people prefer to grow a particular type of orchid, while others tend to grow a variety of species. Actually, the orchid is a relatively easy plant to grow - as long as you know a few basic facts for the type orchid you desire to grow, and provide the orchid with the environment it desires. The best part of growing orchids is when you wake up one morning and walk through your orchids and see that beautiful flower on a plant that you hadn't realized was even in bud!
My collection has grown over the past 30 plus years that I have grown orchids. Yes, I do sell some orchids, but there are some in my greenhouse that just aren't for sale! Some are rare, but, even more valuable to me are the few orchids that were given to me by other orchid growers. Those orchids, while, maybe not the most beautiful, or biggest, or most colorful, are the most valuable to me, as they serve to remind me of the great friendship these other growers have been to me.

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