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BLOG - my mindless wanderings! (Or... A look into my thoughts!)

Solar Eclipse 2017

It was an amazing experience being almost dead center of the path of the 2017 solar eclipse! The only problem was it only lasted a couple of minutes! Barely enough time to take it all in. The photo above is a collage of select photos I took during the episode! The most fascinating moment was when the moon covered the sun. In a matter of seconds, it went from bright day to twilight. The sun's corona around the moon was quickly as the darkness came, daylight was restored! I stood there for a few seconds almost breathless at what I had just witnessed. Then there was a call to look at the solar snakes on the driveway, a phenomenon where shadows look like snakes crawling across the concrete driveway... and then there were the crescent moon images on the chair below a small tree... caused by the sunlight passing through the tree leaves, basically making a pin hole camera projecting an image of the eclipse on the chair. WOW! It was truly a once in a lifetime experience!

Orchid Awarded AM/AOS

Well, I have received my first AM/AOS for an orchid. During the Breezy Hill Orchid Festival, I entered an orchid for judging. The orchid is a cross with the parantage of C. Hummingbird and RLC Carolina Splendor. The plant received a score of 80 and was awarded an AM/AOS. Now comes the fun part. I have to come up with a clonal name for this plant!
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